HTS Technology - Aid for Preventing Future Blackouts
The electric power industry expects to eventually use superconducting cables to build to a more energy-efficient, high-capacity transmission system. Help in solving transmission woes, using a voltage regulating system originally developed for the HTS super-conducting magnetic energy storage devices is now being used as a stand-alone device to help trans-mission systems respond to voltage fluctuations caused by heavy industrial machinery. The system, called D-VAR, has been sold to number of U.S. and international utilities. In Connecticut, a new D-VAR system will allow an additional 100 megawatts of power to flow through congested transmission lines serving the southwestern part of the state. PacifiCorp also installed a D-VAR system at the Wyoming Wind Energy Project, and Nordex USA Inc. is planning to install one at a 2.6-megawatt wind facility in Minot, North Dakota. Note that wind facilities are often located in weak parts of transmission grids and can sometimes cause transmission lines to experience voltage fluctuations. The HTS technology virtually eliminates past problems with voltage and transmission problems.

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RE: HTS Technology - Aid for Preventing Future Blackouts
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